And 2

Thanks biggly to all the people who made our second event so sweet.

We had a heart melting debut from Meg Woof accompanied by a fantastic manual loop contraption by Tash Cox. The tick tick ticking of the projector and it's oily mismatched visuals added an awesome live field recording to Meg's hypnotically dreamy vocals. Well done girls.

Then there was Spring Yard whose violent guitar/vocal mood swings plus deep electronic drum tracks filled the room massivley. There were enough upset faces to make the beaming ones beam wider and under it all somewhere a brilliantly grubby cover of Sugarbabes' Overload. Fun.

Finally, our cover star Mat Riviere took to the stage on his knees and grabbed everyone's attention with his charming glitchy sad songs. With half the audience taking a seat on the floor, we felt like guests in Mat's memoirs manifest as a mismatched primary school assembly. He's great. Thanks Mat.

Riv's second album is out sooon so buy it if you liked him because that's a good thing to do.

Next event: May 31st. Mega.


Our first event was brilliant. Thought provoking sets from ear-splitting Earnest and soaring Sam James Hill complemented Nothing in Nowhere's captivating debut perfectly. Then everyone had grenades and got drunk. It was well good:)